Cancellation Policy

PSR may be called off due to inclement weather or other emergency. There are several means of notification concerning cancellation.

1. Parents who provide e-mail contact information with PSR registration should receive an e-mailed notice of class cancellation for the evening in question.

2. Check the home page of this website. If it is possible, cancellations will be posted as soon as the decision has been made.

3. Cancellation information for the Immaculate Conception PSR will be provided to local radio stations. Check websites or listen on-air.

Keep in mind that our PSR program no longer ties its cancellation policy to the cancellation of local schools. Students from at least 7 different school systems as well as home-schoolers attend our PSR program. Not all of these schools always choose to close school on the same days, and poor weather in the morning that leads to school cancellations may easily clear up by evening (and vice-versa).

We also hope that you will follow your own best judgement. If you feel that based on the weather and road conditions around your home it would not be safe to travel, we hope that you will be prudent and keep your child home where he or she will be safe. The safety of our children is always one of our top priorities.