Prayer Request

Lord Jesus, who went about doing good and healing all, we ask You to be with these people and their families as they are being cared for.  Give them strength in body, courage in spirit, and patience in pain.  Give those caring for them the knowledge and understanding to bring them to health.  We ask this through You, Jesus Christ.  Amen.

PRAYER LIST FOR May 22, 2024

All that are experiencing illicit drug abuse

Armed Forces, living & dead


Connie Bales

Cindy Boever 

Nick Bomorito

Catholics to persevere in fanith 

Catholic school & church volunteers

Ollie Chapman

Children who are being trafficked & Rescuers

Mike Claywell

Berta Counts

Liz Cross


Sharon DeClue


Jeff Dugal

Shirley Dugal


Vickie Elliott-RIP

Paula & Ken Farley

Michael Fellhauer

Mary Kathleen Green

Jenny Halstead

Hawthorn Psychiatric Hospital Children

Ann Honse

Cathy Hoppe

Jamie & family


Sandy Kaperonis

Dylan Kastel


Loretta Kozar

Ted Kuethe


Angela Lappe

Tim Lewis

Myles Whitener Loehr

Mary Looney

Debbie Lukachick Family

Fred McCarty

Marsha Tubman McMurtry

Jeannie MacCauley

Sue Meyers

Rosalie Murray

Miller Violet Phillips

Residents of Country Meadows & NHC

Hayden Rhodes

Mia Rizzo

St. John the Apostle Church

Rosemary Schaughnessy-RIP

Brandon Schlemeier

Stacy Scurlock

Kevin Seabaugh

Dave Sherrills

Pat Spradling

LaVerne Steele

Justin Stobart

Glenda Straughn

Callie Stuart

Frank Toth

Steve & Diane Tucker

Toni Turner


Nancy Wampler

John Wigger Family

Derrick Wilfong

 Willard family

Cynthia Hathway Wilmington

Noah Winslow

World Peace

Mr. Young