Prayer Request

Lord Jesus, who went about doing good and healing all, we ask You to be with these people and their families as they are being cared for.  Give them strength in body, courage in spirit, and patience in pain.  Give those caring for them the knowledge and understanding to bring them to health.  We ask this through You, Jesus Christ.  Amen.

PRAYER LIST FOR November 29, 2023

Joyce  Abney-RIP

Dave Barr

Rita Boeving-RIP

Nick Bomorito

Johnnie Broome

Busenbark Family

Catholics to persevere in faith 

Children who are being trafficed

Rescuers of children being trafficed

Nancy Clubb

Megan Eaton family

Eileen Eckhoff

Erin Eifert


Expectant Mother

Harold Feltmann

Denny Franklin

Jeanine Frazer

An ill friend

Roger Govero

Dale Grace-RIP

Jodi Grindstaff

Kendra Gruhula


Brad Harris Sr.

Hawthorn Psychiatric Hospital Children

Joanne Henderson

Jean Henson

Bobby Horton

David J

Roxanne J

Vivian James


Dylan Kastel

Danny King family

Loretta Kozar

Leamay LaPlant-RIP

Joseph Lavacot

Connie Lee

Myles Whitener Loehr

Jeannie MaCaulley

Darlene McWilliams



Gary Melton

Mark Miller

Sally Mobley

Aaron Mosier

Jase Murphy

Nancy Neusel

Bailey Barton Owen

Paul Pasternak

Richard Perry

Carmen Pirtle

Sue Pomphrey

Donald Reando

Mia Rizzo

St. John the Apostle Church

Brandon Schlemeier

Kevin Seabaugh

LaVerne Steele

Justin Stobart

Glenda Straughn

Callie Stuart


Toni Turner

VanZee family

Cledith Wakefield

Nancy Wampler

Nancy Wieging

Matt Willard

Cinthia Hathway Wilmington

World peace

Justin Yount