Prayer Request

Lord Jesus, who went about doing good and healing all, we ask You to be with these people and their families as they are being cared for.  Give them strength in body, courage in spirit, and patience in pain.  Give those caring for them the knowledge and understanding to bring them to health.  We ask this through You, Jesus Christ.  Amen.

PRAYER LIST FOR February 1, 2023

Please pray for the following people:

Joyce Abney

Ryan Basler

Pam Black

Laura Bockenkamp

Deacon Mike Burch

Pat Burch

Clara Jean Busenbark

Graham Cannon

Shirley Dugal



Germaud Family


Gwen Grayson

Coach Hart

Hawthorn Psychiatric Hospital Children

Joanne Henderson

Bill Holmes

Tom Howell

Curt Jaedeman

Sam James

Dana Jaden

David Jarden

Joe Jarden

Don & Margaret Jones

Wendy Kahl

Julie Klinkhardt

Leamay LaPlant

David Leirer

James Leftridge

Dorothy Lowery

Jeannie Macaulley

Dot McCall

Betty McGhee

Darlene McWilliams


Nancy Nolfo

Gregory Pinson

Pat Pyeatt

Rick Rasum

Donald Reando

Mia Rizzo

Mary Ross

Robert Schultz, Jr.

Katie Schwent

Kevin Seabaugh

Dave Sherrills

Teresa Skaggs

Jamie Stafford

Justin Stobart


Janie Thomas

Paul Thomas

Susan Valle

Jack Walker

Linda (Wood) Wansing, Farrow

Nancy Wieging

Matt Willard

Noah Winslow