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Ok, technically this is not a movie--it is a TV Series.  But we are so excited to be presenting Season 1 to you and we don't think that you'll even care that it's not a movie!  We'll show one episode per week, show times to coincide with Parish School of Religion Classes on Wednesday evenings!

WHAT:  The Chosen, (2017 TV Series), Season 1, Episodes 1-8
WHERE:    Immaculate Conception Church
WHEN:  Starting with Episode 1, Wednesday, September 15, 2021, 6:00 p .m.
WHO:  Based on the lives of Jesus and his followers as recorded in the Bible    

Jonathan Roumie, Shahar Isaac, Elizabeth Tabish, and many more, but don't expect to see famous faces except for those who are being made famous by their participation in this venture!   


Each episode of this highly acclaimed and widely viewed series is approximately 1 hour long.  Episodes will be shown during PSR class time in the hope that the families of our PSR students will take this opportunity to stay and watch the episodes while their students are in class, but this wonderful opportunity is open to all and is not being restricted to just PSR families.  Please feel free to bring a friend. 

Please note that since the series will be shown within the church itself, food and drinks will not be provided and are discouraged.

The Chosen is the largest crowd funded media project of all time. New episodes and seasons are still being produced and the production schedule is dependent upon the crowd funding donations received.
The Chosen is the first TV series ever based on the life of Christ.  Although there have been multiple movies and mini-series events, this is the first full length made for TV series.

If you miss an episode or if you can't wait week to week to watch, this series can be purchased on DVD/BlueRay, or downloaded for FREE through The Chosen App.  The App can be found in the app store of your electronic device.  It is not only free, but it does not collect user data or even require that you establish an account in order to download.  Or you can look for episodes on Youtube.  It is literally available everywhere!

The plan is to show all 8 episodes this fall.  And, dependent on demand, we hope to begin showing Season 2, Episodes 1-8 during Lent 2022.