Martha & Mary Sodality Meeting/News

Next Sodality Meeting:
The Sodality usually meets the second Tuesday of each Month at 7 p.m.    Please watch the bulletin for changes.

Next Sodality Meeting:  

Next  meeting :

Breakfast Meeting at Carla's Cafe on Saturday, March 2, 2019 at 9:00 a.m.
(No February meeting)

2019 Officers: 
   President-Candi Barks  Phone:  573-366-5554
   Vice-President-Pat Pyeatt: 
   Secretary-Tina Thurman: 
   Treasurer-Patti Abernathy

Fund-Raising Chairperson:  Patti Abernathy
An e-mail list is being compiled so that reminders can be sent out for meetings and events and meeting minutes and news can be sent to all interested parties.  To be added to the e-mail listing please contact either Tina Thurman, Martha & Mary Sodality Secretary or Brenda Carrow, Parish Secretary.
Anyone needing transportation to a Sodality meeting or event may call Brenda in the office  at 431-2427 to make arrangements for someone to pick them up.
Any lady of either Immaculate Conception or St. John the Apostle is always welcome at any Sodality meeting or function.  There are no dues of any kind!

Rada Cutlery Fund Raiser-New Catalog is available.  Valid until July 31, 2019!  The Ladies Sodality will be selling Rada Cutlery as an ongoing fund raiser.  Catalogs and order blanks are available through Sodality members or stop by the Immaculate Conception Rectory during regular business hours.  

Many thanks to all who attended and to all of our dedicated volunteers!

Raffle Winners!

Quilt Raffle

1st Prize-Large Pumpkin Patch Quilt
Winner:  Mr. & Mrs. Al Dussold, Sr.

2nd Prize-$100 Cash
                     Mrs. Pat Pyeatt

3rd Prize-Lady Bug Baby Quilt or $50 Cash
Winner:  Mrs. Pat Pyeatt (Cash)

Basket Raffles
31 Baskets

#1 Charlotte Harris
#2 Sharon Carron
#3 Clara Busenbark
#4 Cathy Reardon
#5 Jude Schaaf
#6 Mike Ward
#7 Brenda Dalton
#8 Vikkie Neier
#9 Sharon Carron
#10 Joy Pasternak
#11 Tina Thurman
#12 Joanna Ward
#13 Mary Reed
#14 Tina Thurman
#15 Linda Conway
#16 Tina Thurman
#17 Terri McCallister
#18 Candi Barks
#19 Gene Hance
#20 Lisa Patterson
#21 Terri McCallister
#22 Kellie Rackley
#23 Clara Busenbark
#24 Cathy Reardon
#25 Sharon Carron
#26 Terri McCallister
#27 Mary Ragsdale
#28 Mary Reed
#29 Pat Bockencamp
#30 Misty Moore
#31 Debby Mount

Congratulations to all!