Faith, Hope & Prayer Group Meeting

Big Changes!  Faith, Hope & Prayer Group is moving to Wednesdays at 6:00 p.m.!   Meeting location will move to upstairs in the church. Meetings may take place outside, weather permitting, and probably move back to the Immaculate Conception Room downstairs after PSR dismisses for the summer.   First Wednesday meeting will be April 4, 2018.  Meetings will be every Wednesday!  There will be no other meetings before Easter.  Please park and enter through the front doors.

No more meetings during March 2018.

Rosary and chaplet will continue to be a part of our regular practice, but we will also try to delve deeper into the art of prayer and the use of our Bibles in an effort to enrich our spiritual lives.  Come every week to pray with us, or just now and then as time allows.  Everyone is always welcome. 

Occasional field trips are scheduled.  Trips scheduled:
National Shrine in Perryville-The next Monthly field trip to visit the Church and Grotto and participate in a morning of prayer will be Tuesday, March 13, 2018.  Location will be at St. Joseph Church in Applecreek once again.  Thank you Fr. Jim French for allowing the church and grounds to be used while renovations continue at the Shrine Church and grounds in Perryville.   Plans to be announced.  Construction continues at the National Shrine Church and grounds.