A Letter to Parents

Dear Parents,

I hope this letter finds you and your family safe and
healthy. As we all know, the COVID-19 virus has affected
our daily lives. From not having public mass, to
wearing masks, to social distancing, to washing our
hands and sanitizing frequently, we’ve gone through
many changes. In the past week, as I write this letter,
COVID-19 positive cases have been at an all time high
five of the last six days in our area. And now we must
prepare for the upcoming school year.
After a long and extensive review of our Parish School of
Religion (PSR) program, we have decided to take the
following actions.

*PSR registration will occur on August 8-9 and August
  15-16 as usual.
* Books will be ordered for all classes after sign-up.
* Due to the physically small size of most of our classrooms
  and our inability to provide social distancing
  in those rooms, only sacramental year classes will
  meet in-person—Second Grade (First Penance and
  First Communion) and 7th-8th Grade (Confirmation).
* All students in other grades will be taught at home by
  their parents using the appropriate textbooks ordered
  for those grades along with online videos from the
  textbook publisher.
* For grades other than 2nd and 7th-8th, weekly lessons
  are to be reviewed at home and the quiz at the
  end of the chapter completed in the book. Textbooks
  will be returned to Immaculate Conception either
  when we return to weekly classes, or at the end of the
  school year, whichever comes first. This will serve
  to document that the student received at home instructions
  to fulfill the educational requirements of
  the class.
* Registration fees for Grades 2 and 7th-8th will be
  $50 per family as usual. Registration fees for all
  other grades will be $25 per student (not to exceed
  $50 per family) to apply toward the cost of the textbooks
  and shipping.
* The high school program does not use a textbook.

Details about class meetings for grades 9-12 are still
being discussed and will be announced later.
If your son or daughter is to be enrolled in one of the sacramental
year classes, there will be safety guidelines to
follow such as monitored door entry to the building, hand
sanitizing and masks and social distancing. More information
will be provided when classes actually resume. If
you have questions, please feel free to call Deacon Mike.

—Fr. Ebert and Deacon Burch