Parking Lot Project


The parking lot at Immaculate Conception is in need of repair.  It has been proposed and approved by the Immaculate Conception Finance Committee to accept bids for a complete overlay of the entire parking lot.  As you may be aware, cemetery road repair and sealing was completed in the prior year.

Bulletin Announcement (first publishing in the October 11, 2020 bulletin)

In the homily on Stewardship Sunday I mentioned we would have a large expense coming up in the next year and to take a look at the parking lot.  As you can see there is significant cracking, some long cracks across the width of the lot, and many places of spider web pavement deterioration on the roads that enter the property and encircles the church and rectory.  Our finance committee looked into trying to do patches to get a few more years out of it, but decided it would be far more beneficial to fix it correctly.

We sought several bids and have received what we believe is a reliable bid from Lead Belt Materials who did our cemetery road repair and sealing.  The bid to overlay the 37,515 square feet (about .86 acre) of the parking lot and roads with heat resistant pothole fabric beneath the overlay and then to re-stripe the parking spaces is $45,283.00 which comes to about $1.21 per square foot.

Since this is such a large expense, it requires the permission of the Archbishop, which has been received.  To do this and not financially cripple the parish, we need to raise some funds.  We currently have about $21,000.00 in our maintenance fund with this project in sight, which means we need to raise $24,000.00 more.  If you recall in 2013 we did raise $25,000 to fix the retaining  walls, sidewalks, and stone work at the church entrance which made all of that more safe and sound.

To not pursue this project in the near future means this major repair would only become more costly.  This work, while needing to be planned for now, will not take place until the spring or summer of 2021.  We wanted to avoid an intense capital campaign with outside fund raising companies with formal pledges.  So then, to raise the funds, we ask parishioners to include what they can contribute to the project, without taking away from the parish offertory, in the monthly Maintenance envelopes.  We will place a goal thermometer on the bulletin board to track our progress.

Again, thanks to all for your generosity as we continue to maintain the parish for the good of all.

Fr. Ebert


For those who do not receive monthly envelope packets, donations can be made in a variety of ways.  
  • Place donation in a personal envelope with your name and contact information and place the donation in the weekly collection.
  • Mail your donation to the parish (Immaculate Conception, P.O. Box 66, Park Hills, MO  63601
  • Drop your envelope off in person at the Rectory (Immaculate Conception, 1020 West Main Street, Park Hills, MO  63601)
  • Use Online Giving.  It's quick, it's easy, and it can be accessed from the menu at left, just click GIVE (Online Giving) and then click the link found on the webpage.