UPDATE:  The first order of bricks has arrived!  We are waiting for the contractor to have time to come by and begin excavation and laying of bricks  We appreciate your patience while we wait.  Please be advised that one handicapped parking space continues to be out of service during brick installation.  Use caution when parking and driving along the drive in front of the church. 

Orders can still be placed.  We will continue to accept orders as long as there are blank bricks available for engraving.   Purchase a stone now to memorialize a loved one who has passed, to honor a living individual, or to mark a special occasion.  Engraved brick samples are available to look at.  You do not have to be a member of Immaculate Conception to purchase a brick.  For more information please contact the Rectory Office at 431-2427. 

*To order a memorial paving stone to commemorate the life of a loved one, please print and complete the form below.  Return the form to the parish in any of the following ways:

1.  Mail completed form and payment to Immaculate Conception Church, P.O. Box 66, Park Hills, MO  63601.  Payment may also be provided through our online giving option (found on the menu at right, GIVE).

2.  Scan and send as an email attachment to the parish at  Mail your payment to the parish or pay using our online giving option (found on the menu at right, GIVE).

3.  Drop your completed form and payment into the collection basket with your weekly tithe.

The sample stones on display at Immaculate Conception are not the color that will be used.  Colors that will coordinate with our rock and and brick will be chosen.

Sorry!  Form is being updated with new information and prices.

*We thank all who placed their orders early and made it possible to order the 6,000 lbs. of brick necessary for the initial installation of our new patio.  We appreciate the risks they took in ordering their bricks before seeing a finished product. 

Another brick order will be placed after the initial installation of bricks has been completed.  Blank "dummy" bricks are being installed to fill spaces and these "dummies" can be removed and replaced at a later date with future orders for engraved bricks.  Additional costs are involved in removing blank bricks and replacing them with engraved bricks.  A new form with new prices will be provided as soon as possible.